Class Attire

Class Attire





Black Leotard (no attached skirt), pink tights (no leg warmers or skirts, please!)

Pink, leather or canvas ballet shoes (please write name in shoes!)

White t-shirt, black tights or shorts

Black or white ballet shoes (please write name in shoes!)


Any color leotard and tights

White t-shirt and jazz pants or shorts


Any color leotard and tights, black tap shoes Any color t-shirt, jazz pants or shorts


A leotard, tights and tennis shoes. Students may wear jazz pants, shorts or sweats instead of tights; however, a leotard base must be worn. Any color t-shirt, jazz pants or shorts

The best place to buy dancewear is at a dancewear store; however, for the convenience of our students, Saul’s on the square in Gainesville (770-532-4301) carries a selection of competitively-priced basic dance attire and shoes.  Many area dance apparel stores offer discounts when you mention the Gainesville School of Ballet/Gainesville Ballet Company.


In keeping with the traditions of classical ballet, girls must wear their hair fastened securely in a bun at the back of the head for all ballet classes. There are practical, as well as aesthetic reasons for this.  Body alignment is critical in ballet, and the instructor must be able to see the line of a student’s body from the head down. Hair not up and off the neck can prevent this. If you are unsure how to put hair up in a bun, we will be happy to show you some of the tricks!  For tap and jazz classes, hair must be drawn away from the face (ponytail). Boys’ hair should be neatly combed.


Dance shoes should be worn only in the studios. This gives shoes a much longer life and preserves the studio floors. If you have purchased new dance shoes for your child, we ask that he/she not wear them until their teacher has had an opportunity to look at them to be sure they fit.  Laces and/or ribbons must be tucked into the shoes. Please write your child's last name inside the shoes!