How Some Ballet Is Performed Crossword Answer

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How some ballet is performed in a New York Times crossword? You’re not alone.

The New York Times has published this crossword clue 1 time.

We’ve located 1 answer/s for this particular crossword clue.

If you can find the answer to the clue, you’re halfway there!

You’re not alone, though, because many other people have experienced the joys of seeing a ballet performance.

Is Performed Crossword Real? How Ballet Clues Work


The word ballet is an anagram of other words. The word ballet has only six letters, but it can be rearranged into 62 other words.

If you look up these words, you will see that they can be used in a variety of word games.

For example, you can use the word ballet as the answer to a game of Scrabble.

However, if you are not into Scrabble, you can use these words as synonyms for each other.

The word “Anagram” is another synonym for a crossword clue that involves the dance.

Its word definition is “a ballet performance with a naughty child.” You can try to use it as an anagram of the word caution.

For example, a word like “Cautioned” can be rewritten into Education or Auctioned.

You can even use it as an anagram of how some ballet is performed.


Free closeup on ballerina feet photo, public domain dance CC0 image.

Have you been searching for How some ballet is performed crossword answers?

If you are a daily New York Times crossword solver, then you’ve come to the right place.

The answer to this clue is below, and you’ll find the correct answers in the New York Times crossword puzzle, the Universal, and Wall Street Journal.

So what is the answer to How some ballet is performed? Let’s find out!

The correct answer to “How some ballet is performed” has only one word – “ballet.”

If you’re having trouble finding the correct word, you can use our crossword solver.

You can even sort the answers based on the length if you need to.

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New York Times crossword

The NYT Crossword game is a classic US puzzle that has been published for more than 100 years in the NYT Magazine.

Every day, a different crossword puzzle is published in the NYT, and the newspaper publishes the solutions to all crosswords as well.

Whether you’re a puzzle fanatic or not, you’re sure to enjoy the challenge of solving the New York Times how some ballet is performed crossword.

The NYT publishes daily crosswords, and you can find them in newspapers, on their website, or on mobile applications.

These crossword puzzles are designed and edited by Lucy Howard, with the help of Will Shortz.

You can find the latest crosswords on this page, complete with answers and unsolved clues.

If you’re looking to improve your crossword-solving skills, the NYT is the perfect place to go.

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