How to Clean Ballet Flats

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If you’ve ever had a stain on your ballet flats, you might be wondering how to clean them.

You can try a baking soda stain remover. Mix one part baking soda with two parts water.

For instance, one cup of baking soda requires half a cup of water.

Mix the two together and brush on the shoes to make a paste.

Let it dry for a couple of hours, then brush away most of the baking soda powder.

If it remains, you can wipe away the rest with a dampened rag. Most stains will be lighter after the baking soda method.

Details on How to Clean Ballet Flats

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Dish soap

To clean your ballet flats properly, first mix some dish soap with a cup of warm water.

You can then apply the soapy mixture to the ballet flats and wash them.

For superficial stains, use baby wipes. If possible, test a small patch of your shoes to make sure the detergent doesn’t irritate the material.

If you have leather ballet flats, you can use leather cleaner. It may dry out the leather, so be sure to condition them after cleaning.

There are many ways to clean ballet shoes. One simple method is to mix baking soda with water.

Then, scrub the shoes gently using a sponge or cloth. If necessary, let the shoes dry overnight.

Once dry, apply a new layer of baking soda to remove any excess soap.

This way, you can protect your shoes for a longer time.

Another inexpensive and effective way to clean your ballet shoes is to use coconut soap.

Alternatively, you can use dish soap.

Leather cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your ballet flats, you can choose between two common methods: spot cleaning and using a leather cleaner.

Spot cleaning involves applying a damp cloth to the stain and rubbing it gently.

If you are dealing with a deeper stain, you can use a leather cleaner.

However, be sure to choose a mild detergent to avoid drying out the leather.

Then, you can use a cloth dipped in water and detergent to rub the stain out.

For leather flats, you can use a cloth dampened with a solution of baking soda, water, and a few drops of leather cleaner.

After that, wipe the flats thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any loose dirt.

Use a separate cloth for delicate leather materials like suede. To clean suede ballet flats, use an antibacterial spray.

Make sure to wear them while damp to avoid any unpleasant smells or marks.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is an effective cleaner for pointe shoes, and it works wonders in cleaning these delicate dance shoes.

This inexpensive substance is available at most drugstores and makes the process a breeze.

Simply fill a small plastic cup with it and apply it to the pointe shoes as directed.

The lotion dries to a powdery texture that matches most mesh Backseam performance tights.

When used correctly, calamine lotion will prolong the life of your pointe shoes.

When using calamine lotion to clean canvas ballet shoes, be careful not to soak them in water.

The process may remove most of the dirt, but it may fade the color and make the shoes look unappealing.

Apply foundation makeup and calamine lotion to the shoes to revive their lovely pink color.

If a dancer is wearing a satin ballet shoe, scrubbing with a soft brush may remove the stain.

Avoid wearing your dance shoes during rainy weather.

Spot Cleaning

While canvas ballet shoes are low maintenance, they should not be washed by hand.

For this reason, they should be carefully placed in a wash bag before washing them.

Use gentle cycle and avoid hot water as this may cause discoloration.

Also, do not use fabric softener or bleach. The purpose of spot cleaning your ballet flats is to prevent them from getting damaged by water.

For more information, read the following tips:

  • For the simplest stain, you can use baking soda.
  • Apply the paste with a soft toothbrush and scrub the spot with it. Then, rinse your ballet flats in cold water.
  • Do not use baking soda if the shoe is made of satin, as the powder can discolor the fabric.
  • Always test a small area first before you apply baking soda. Never put them in a dryer. It will cause the material to become dull and will result in discoloration.

Washing in the washing machine

If your ballet shoes have roped soles, you can use a soapy water solution to remove stains and dirt.

To clean ballet shoes, work in sections and change water frequently.

Once your shoes are clean, brush off any suds and allow to air dry.

To clean leather ballet shoes, use a leather cleaner. It may slightly dry the leather, so be sure to use a conditioning spray.

While textile ballet flats can be washed in the washing machine, leather ballet shoes should be washed by hand.

To wash these shoes, use a detergent that is mild enough for the material.

Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as they can make leather slippers lose their shape when exposed to frequent washing.

When washing leather ballet flats, choose the delicate cycle. Afterward, rinse them thoroughly with clean water.

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