How to Dress for the Nutcracker Ballet

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If you’ve never been to a nutcracker ballet, you might be wondering how to dress.

In this article, we’ll discuss the general theme of the ballet and what you should wear.

First and foremost, choose a comfortable costume.

You should choose a light-colored, festive ensemble. You can also try to wear tulle or net.

A high-block heel will look flattering.

Guide on How to Dress for the Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker ballet is one of the most beloved and popular holiday shows.

In addition to being a favorite among audiences, this ballet can also be enjoyed in digital formats.

Dressing up rather than dressing down

Here’s how to dress appropriately for the ballet.

Dressing up means looking elegant, but also choosing an appropriate holiday-themed outfit that will complement the ballet’s overall tone.

The key to a great performance is to look festive and comfortable while enjoying the show.

If you’re going to the ballet as an audience member, dress accordingly.

Although most performances feature a young Clara, you can opt for an older Clara, too.

These Claras can be in the form of a student or young teen on pointe, depending on the production.

After the battle scene, Clara transforms into an older dancer, performing a beautiful duet with the prince.

There is only one production that features an adult Clara, and this was a major Russian production.

You can also dress up to match the character of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Her costume is made up of two separate tiaras, bodices, and skirts.

The costumes are designed in sizes A, B, and C, so you can find one that fits your body type.

As with any dress code, consider how your outfit will fit into your overall ensemble.

Most ballet companies do not require formal attire, since they recognize that many of their audience members are tourists.

Layering clothing to make yourself comfortable

Dressing for the Nutcracker ballet may involve a few different things.

If the performance will be performed outside, you will want to wear layers of clothing to keep warm.

A blazer or light sweater is a great idea, but you should also consider layering your clothing inside the theater.

It’s also important to avoid wearing any statement shirts, as they could attract unwanted attention.

Instead, wear elegant blouses or button-down shirts. Be sure to wear proper ballet shoes and socks.

Underwear is an essential part of your wardrobe for a ballet performance, so choose a pair of moisture-wicking underwear.

Underwear made of athletic fabrics, like polyester, is a great option for winter ballet performances.

Cotton, however, can hold moisture, which means that you may feel even colder than normal.

A pair of breathable socks is an excellent option.

You can also layer underwear with another layer to keep yourself warm if the performance is held outdoors.

High block heels are flattering

Ballet dancers can wear high block heels, especially for the Nutcracker ballet.

These shoes add visual length and add a spring to your step.

Block heels originated during the Baroque and Rococo eras and have a spool shape that recalls the spinning wheel on an old machine.

Similar to block heels, square heels are typically thick and rectangular.

Pair them with pointy pumps for an extra chic look. Booties also have square heels.

Ballet shows can be cold, so you may want to wear a light sweater or blazer.

It’s better to layer your clothing than to wear a bold statement shirt.

You should also avoid wearing statement shirts, since they may attract unwanted attention.

Instead, opt for a simple button-down shirt or an elegant blouse.

Make sure that your footwear matches your outfit, including the length and color of your dress.

Net and Tulle

Using net and tulle for the costumes of the Nutcracker ballet is an exquisite way to showcase the dazzling beauty of the performers.

The costumes of the Nutcracker are typically made of more than two thousand yards of fabric and incorporate more than 200,000 jewels.

Each tutu is hand-embroidered and takes eighty hours to create.

Each tutu is also decorated with tiny portraits of the dancers.

The costumes of the ballet are spectacularly elaborate, with almost 50 tutus and dozens of ladies dancing on pointe.

The costumes are designed by renowned costume designer and Russian emigre Vanessa Leyonhjelm, who is credited with a number of designs.

The tinsel-like costumes will be sure to steal the show.

In addition to the tutus, the ballet also includes an elaborate set, a lighted set, and plenty of music.

A tutu made of tulle and net is one of the most intricate costumes in the ballet.

The layers of tulle are not flat when they are worn on the body, so they need to be stiff.

Luckily, tutus made by professional makers are just as beautiful as those made by a mother-daughter team.

Rather than net and tulle, professional tutus makers use a combination of netting and Lycra to create these amazing costumes.


For your next Nutcracker ballet performance, wear a LBD!

This timeless classic is an excellent choice for ballet, especially since you can dress it up with sparkly jewels, elegant pumps, and a beautiful shawl.

Even if you’re attending a matinee performance, an LBD is a great choice.

Here’s how to wear it for the most magical ballet performance of the year!

During the holidays, the Nutcracker ballet is performed by the Joffrey Ballet.

For the evening performance, the costumes are typically made of dressy fabrics.

Women wearing an LBD can be seen enjoying the show with their children in tow.

Dressy pants and a blouse are suitable attire for afternoon performances.

However, females can opt for a more casual look and wear a blouse and a clutch instead.

Closing-toe Shoes

Ballet is an art form, and it’s best to attend wearing closed-toe shoes or a dressy pair of sandals.

Sneakers and flip-flops are simply not appropriate.

Ballet celebrates beauty, so jewelry should not be too distracting.

Wear a pair of delicate stud earrings instead of a statement piece, like a golden hoop.

Closing-toe shoes are the perfect option

When choosing ballet shoes, consider the style of the performance you’re attending.

There’s a very particular style that’s most popular, but it’s also best to keep in mind the occasion in which you’re performing.

For example, if you’re attending a Nutcracker performance, you’ll probably want to wear flats.

Ballet shoes are made with a thick, rigid insole that supports the arch of the foot and helps a dancer maintain a streamlined posture.

LBD is a classic wardrobe staple

An LBD is a timeless wardrobe staple for a nutcracker ballet performance.

This gorgeous style can be worn as a cocktail dress with heels or paired with a tweed jacket.

Sheer, naughty tights are optional, but a classic LBD remains a wardrobe staple no matter what the occasion.

Accessorizing with a Y2K-inspired bag and pink lipstick can make any LBD a show-stopping look.

Wearing a black dress to a nutcracker ballet performance is a classic choice.

An LBD can take on a variety of different lives depending on the accessories you add.

For instance, a simple strand of pearls and a pair of low pumps can take an LBD from a formal ballroom to a business meeting.

A silk pump or skirt can also look sophisticated with a strand of Swarovski crystal earrings.

A Pashmina and a cropped cardigan are two great options for daytime events, while a cute pair of flats can help you look effortlessly chic and professional.

A classic wardrobe staple for a nutcracker ballet performance is the little black dress (LBD).

The little black dress was first popularized by Coco Chanel, a woman who believed in liberating women from the restrictive corset.

The little black dress has evolved into a versatile garment, making it the perfect choice for both a night out with friends and a formal occasion.

And as you can see, there is no better time to buy yourself a LBD for your nutcracker ballet performance than now.

200,000 jewels used in costumes

The Boston Ballet is opening a new production of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet, The Nutcracker, on November 23.

The costumes feature 2,000 yards of tulle, cottons, silks, and linens, with elaborate hand painting.

Each Sugar Plum costume has approximately 3,600 jewels. In addition to the jewels, each costume is covered with a layer of net or tulle.

The Nutcracker ballet uses over 200,000 jewels on the costumes, which highlight the elegant movements of the dancers.

While the costumes are magnificent, the dancing does not shine as brightly as the costumes.

Brittany Summer and Lasha Khozashvili gave strong performances in the Arabian dance, while the Chinese dance was kept short.

And the overall design was a success

To achieve this look, the Sugar Plum Fairy costume was designed with two separate tiaras and bodices.

The costumes were hand-sewn with jewels, and the costumes were constructed in 130 hours.

Some of the costumes were created for multiple dancers to ensure they could dance in both looks.

This production also features a second Sugar Plum costume, with over 200,000 jewels set by hand.

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